Robert Sobeck

Robert Sobeck, PE, PhD


Dr. Sobeck has 45 years of experience in the fields of engineering, environmental science and earth science primarily in the public sector.  Dr. Sobeck has completed project designs, construction management projects and research for clients in the environmental field concerned with sustainable use of resources while also being financially judicious. After beginning his career in environmental design and contract management, he transitioned to modeling environmental systems for water quantity and quality within watersheds and groundwater aquifers.  To gain a broader perspective of the issues facing clients, he also enforced environmental laws with Washington State and the USEPA, Region X in the Northwest United States.  Then, after completing doctoral research, Dr. Sobeck did grant-funded remediation designs to reclaim abandoned mine lands and watersheds throughout the provinces of Virginia where the ecological communities were impacted by historical mining practices.  He also served as an adjunct faculty member at University of Virginia and full-time professor in the Virginia community college system.  Most recently, Dr. Sobeck has been working for international clients in East Africa and the Middle East faced with water resource challenges from burgeoning population growth and Climate Change impacts.